Magnetic Search Coil Frames

Search Coil Frames Can Manufacture new or replacement coil frames for most Magnetic based Eye Tracking Systems.
The Magnetic Field Coil has a non-conductive frame that supports the coil windings to produce a linear magnetic field at the center of a cube. It is driven by an electronic driver system, which when operating creates the linear magnetic field. Our field coils work best with the ScleraTrak™; but, can be configured to work with other manufacturers control units. These coils come in a variety of frequencies and power levels.

Crist Instrument coil frames are available in a variety of sizes to fit various eye detector systems. The coils are available in 15-inch, 18-inch, 22-inch and 36-inch. Coils of other sizes can be produced upon request. If your organization owns a coil driver system produced by another manufacturer We Can Make a Search coil Frame to meet your specifications.

7-SSCP-15 15″ Search Coil Frame
7-SSCP-18 18″ Search Coil Frame
7-SSCP-22 22″ Search Coil Frame
7-SSCP-36 36″ Search Coil Frame