DARIS ™ Control Module

DARIS ™ Control Module
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5-DARIS-CNTL Control Module

This is the controller module for the D.A.R.I.S. ™ programmable digital reward system. These systems are now being designed with micro-controllers, for achieving computer control, monitoring and recording of the complete reward history. Flexible, programmed and precise reward delivery enables new opportunities for conducting training. The new controller acts as a universal controller for all of our dispenser units. This controller maximizes the flexibility and ease of operation for precise control over the volume, timing, and type of primary reinforcement.

Special Features:

•   Four Channel Controller. The DARIS ™ Control Module Controls Up to four different dispensers may be connected and operated independently.
•   Time setting Drain function for Solenoid protection.
•   All setups are via the LCD display and touch panel. There are no switches or knobs to adjust.
•   All channels may be remotely controlled by an included Key fob.
•   Sensor Inputs connect to our family of smart sensors. Please check out our Interactive Devices in Section Four.
•   External BNC-type input for mechanical switches or logic input with high or low polarity selection.
•   Greater control of rewards including quantity, timing, and media preference.
•   Crystal controlled microcontroller for improved timings.
•   No Voltage selection required. Auto switching 110v to 240v.
•   User friendly PC interface that monitors and controls the reward.
•   Solenoid timings for rewards can be controlled between .1ms -> 5secs in .1ms increments.
•   Computer Override may use any device that provides a logic input.
•   Auto reset voltage protection.
•   Selectable Automatic update to PC on reward or configuration change.
•   Easy Interface to PC via RS-232 or USB.
•   Includes a power cord with wall plug for the specific country.