Snyder Chair™ System,

Was developed in collaboration with Larry Snyder of Washington University (St. Louis, MO), is a variation of our “Open Chair” with the addition of a removable cover that completely encloses the chair.
This Snyder chair system enables a wide range of arm movement (forward, and to the sides, when the cover is removed), and also provides a safe means of subject transport and training with the cover in place.

Features & Benefits

  • A two-plate waist restraint system, adjustable front to rear, keeps the subject’s feet positioned below the waistline.
  • Both front and rear door models are available with either a swinging, or Guillotine door style, which can be locked securely once the primate is in place.
  • Neck plate systems are adjustable, front to rear, and are designed to restrain only the neck. These systems create little—if any—interference with the subject arm’s full range of motion.
  • The standard perch is assembled from stainless steel rods horizontally mounted in an aluminum frame.
  • This provides a comfortable surface on which the subject can either sit or crouch while allowing uneaten food rewards, and excreta, to be captured by the waste tray below. The perch adjusts vertically for primates of various heights.
  • The neck and waist plates have removable handles for safe installation.
  • The waste tray is accessible from the front on front door models, and from the rear on back door models, located below the door. A “drip lip” is mounted to the chair’s inside vertical surfaces just above the waste tray to help direct excrement into the tray.

General specifications
Inside dimensions
Standard size chair

  • width 10”(25.4cm)
  • depth 10.5”(26.6cm)
  • height (neck hole opening to perch) adjusts from 19”(48.25cm) to 10.75”(27.3cm)
  • Standard size 2 piece waist plates adjust for a primate waist circumference from 11” (28cm) to 18.1”(46cm)

Large chair:

  • width 12”(30.5cm)
  • depth 12.5”(31.7cm)
  • height (neck hole opening to perch) adjusts from 21”(53.3cm) to 12.75”(32.4cm), with a waist plate allowing a circumference up to 20.5”(52cm)

Small Chair:

  • width 8”(20.3cm)
  • depth 8.5”(21.5cm)
  • height (neck hole opening to perch) adjusts from 18.375”(46.6cm) to 8.875”(22.5cm)


    • Sliding Doors (Guillotine-style configuration) replaces swinging doors and opens vertically, allowing the chair to be positioned directly against a cage. The rear Guillotine door models include a system of hooks that engage the bars of the cage to prevent the chair from being pushed away from the cage while the subject is moving between the chair and cage. When ordering, please specify the Guillotine-style configuration if desired.
    • When ordering, please specify the height of your cage door so that your chair can be designed accordingly.
    • Double-level Neck Plate and Waist Plate Positions
    • Available to allow larger, or smaller, subjects to be properly tethered in the chair.
    • Neck plate system specific for holding “Primate Products” brand collars.
    • Touch bar, on the removable cover assembly, for use with reward and other systems and equipment.
    • Audio Chair Post Head Holding System (Only available on front-door models.)
    • Leaves approximately 350° of the audio range unobstructed on the horizontal plane.
    • Vertical planes of audio range are unobstructed to 30° below the horizon on the sides and 40° below the horizon in the front. This provides the widest possible audio range for audio studies, and still provides adequate stability for the head and comfortable accommodations for the primate.
    • Consists of a two-inch square aluminum post, mounted vertically in the center of the chair’s back, that clamps a horizontal bar extending forward over the primate’s head.
    • Connected to this horizontal bar is a shorter vertical bar that extends downward to the primate’s head and attaches to a head positioning system.
    • The vertical bar is specifically designed to fit several different head restraint systems.
    • A “Top bar” or “Top plate” head holding system is available on rear-door models. This consists of side plates that extend above the chair’s sides and hold either the “top bar,” with a cross block, or a “top plate” that holds the bar extending down to the primate’s head.
    • Seat – A modified perch system that mounts above the perch (used in conjunction with the perch) enhances the subject’s comfort and extends the length of their cooperation.

Coil Support Wings

    • For use with our 18 inch coil or 20” inch coil

5-inch External Handles

  • For handling the chair during set-up and transport.
  • Individual, arm-specific, restraint systems are available.

When ordering please specify the:

  • Number of units desired
  • Any options desired, including Guillotine-style door configuration.
  • Chair size needed (Your Product Specialist can assist in determining the correct size.)