Open Chair 1-CCO

The Open Chair was engineered to allow the test subjects arms to have unimpaired arm reaching movements. The subject’s legs are free to move around within the walls of the chair to avoid muscle atrophy and allow maximum comfort. Our primate chairs represent the standard for safe and humane animal positioning and offer options and configurations for a wide variety of research protocols.

Features and Benefits

  • Two-plate waist restraint system to keep the primate’s feet below the waistline.
  • Front Loading Swing open door
  • Secure door latch to prevent escape
  • Adjustable Perch to accommodate a variety of monkey sizes
  • Removable waste tray
  • Standard Neck plate (non-self feeding)
  • The neck and waist plates have removable handles for safe installation.

General specifications
Made from Polycarbonate, aluminum, and stainless steel
Inside dimensions
Standard size chair:

  • width 10”(25.4cm)
  • depth 10.5”(26.6cm)
  • height (neck hole opening to perch) adjusts from 19”(48.25cm) to 10.75”(27.3cm)
  • Standard size 2 piece waist plates adjust for a primate waist circumference from 11” (28cm) to 18.1”(46cm).

Large chair:

  • width 12”(30.5cm)
  • depth 12.5”(31.7cm)
  • height (neck hole opening to perch) adjusts from 21”(53.3cm) to 12.75”(32.4cm), with a waist plate allowing a circumference up to 20.5”(52cm)

Small Chair:

  • width 8”(20.3cm)
  • depth 8.5”(21.5cm)
  • height (neck hole opening to perch) adjusts from 18.375”(46.6cm) to 8.875”(22.5cm)


  • Non self-feeding neck plate
  • Neck plate for ridged collars
  • Guillotine front door
  • Tall base or Trolley
  • Audio style head restraint
  • Handles
  • Anti-Rotation Head Blocks (jaw blocks)
  • Seat
  • Removable side and front panel enclosure plates

When Ordering Please specify Size:

  • Large
  • Medium (standard) to fit average Macaque
  • Small
  • And any options or customization you may need.