The foundation for any great primate restraint chair is the base that it sits on. The two most prominent foundations are the Tall Base or Low Trolley. Both can be easily configured to work with the Chair positioning systems.

Tall Base:

The Tall Base Height in its standard configuration sets the eye height to 47.5 inches (121 cm) from the floor. This height can be easily adjusted to meet any demand. Typically the primate restraint chair will be centered on the chair base except with the use of the guillotine door configuration. In These situations the restraint chair is shifted to the rear of the base so the back side of the chair can be flush with the cage.

Low Trolley

The low Trolley is ideally suited when the primate restraint needs to be closer to the floor. It is also ideally suited for use with the Crist Instrument Large animal Isolation chambers. Trolleys can be configured with 2”, or 5” casters.

Features and Benefits
1-V50 Tall Bases

  • Restraint chair is secured and centered on the base by two wing nuts
  • Easily adapted for use with most chair positioners
  • 5” locking wheels.

1-V60 Trolleys

  • The restraint chair is secured by two vertical clamps
  • Choice of 2” or 5” wheels
  • Easily adapted to work with a variety of chair positioners


General specifications
1-V50 Tall Base

  • Width is 16” (40.6 cm) x depth 16.5” (42 cm)
  • 5” locking swivel casters
  • Height varies for use with small, standard and large primate restraint chairs

1-V60 Trolley

  • 20” wide by 18” depth the height depends on configuration
  • 2” or 5” casters
  • Cam action clamping system for a secure lock-down of the restraint chair.

1-V50 Tall Base

  • Height can be modified to specific needs
  • 1-V 70 chair positioner
  • 1-V73 positioner
  • Position on base either centered or flush with door of the restraint chair (guillotine rear door)

1-V60 Trolley

  • Height of trolley
  • 1-V 77 ISO Box positioning system
  • 1-V70 floor positioner

Primate Restraint chair positioners

Securely position your primate restraint chair in your experimental rig using a Crist Instrument chair positioner. These positioners are the tried and true positioner systems in the industry. Your choice of the standard floor positioner (1-V70) or the slide positioner (1-V73)

Pictured with the optional floor plate

Features and Benefits

1-V70 Original floor positioner for tall base

  • Mounts to floor or wall
  • Quick one latch to securely hold chair in place.
  • Chair side of positioner can be used on tall base or trolley


1-V70T Original Floor positioner for Low Trolley


1-V73 Slide Floor positioner

  • 3 Locking slides
  • Easy installation
  • For use with tall bases only
  • Takes up less space than the standard floor positioner

General specifications
1-V70 Standard floor positioner

  • 13.5” wide (not including optional floor plate)
  • 18.5” tall

1-V73 Slide Floor positioner
• 24” wide by 24” deep
• Screw down locks

1-V70 Standard floor positioner

  • Custom height
  • Wall or floor mount
  • Floor plate

1-V73 Slide Floor positioner

  • Optional 4th slide for extra holding power