Audio Chair ™ System

Audio chair without base
Audio Chair

The premier choice for primate studies involving audio stimulation. This is the audio chair with the widest—and most innovative—range of standard features available. It offers you state-of-the-art flexibility, built-in security and comfort-focused stability for your research subjects.

Every chair comes equipped with these standard features:

  • Safety restraint chain
  • Front-loading swing-open door
  • Adjustable two-part neck restrictor plate
  • Vertically adjustable perch assembly accommodates varying heights
  • Removable waste collection tray, below the perch, with drip lip to direct flow
  • Rear-post head-positioning system with ~350° unobstructed horizontal plane audio range
  • Vertical planes of audio range are unobstructed to 30° below the horizon on the sides, and 40° below the horizon in the front

Numerous options and accessories are available to meet your research needs.

Please consult our website or speak with a member of the Crist Team about your specific protocol.

  • Slide in Guillotine front door
  • With a Tall Base or Trolley the Audio Chair is easily transported
  • A wire mesh model is available for even greater acoustics
  • Eye tracking coil support wing plates
  • Neck plate options for rigid collars

This is the new standard for audio stimulation research.