Recording Chamber Caps are made in two styles. IPO works with the Stainless Steel Chambers, the 6-YNS-S1A Adapter The IPI fits the MRI Style Recording Chambers. CILUX and Stainless Steel. We recommend you use only short-term liquid or gas sterilization for these materials. The CILUX material is substantially more resistant to water absorption. Stainless Steel Caps are significantly more durable; however, they are also much heavier. For smaller animals, the lighter weight materials are recommended.

Caps are available in CILUX and Stainless Steel. They are designed to protect openings in the Recording Cylinders. They fit all cylinders; and also the 6-YNS-S1A when left in place with the Grid and Guide Tube (YGTS-SS and YGTSA-XX) for chronic studies. In addition, special caps are available for use with the Beila Microdrives that have been specially modified to fit inside the Grid cup for long-term chronic studies.

6-IPI-J1 Caps Full Round, and 6-IPI-S1 Recording Chamber caps for all 19 mm pin and screw style Plastic chambers


6-IPO-J1 Caps flat one side and 6-IPO-S1 Recording Chamber Caps for the 19mm id stainless steel and titanium chambers.