Guide tubes from Crist Instrument Company may be cut to fit your specified lengths. Our guide tubes are made from 23TW gauge Stainless Steel with flared tops for increased ease when inserting electrodes. For your convenience, a plug is included.

  • Flaired Top wont slip through the grid
  • Precision ground lenghts
  • Enables a straight path for the Electrode
  • Stainless Steel Guide Tubes
  • 6-YGTS-XX Guide Tubes, SS, to 120 mm
  • 6-YGTS-XX-M23XX Guide Tubes, SS, with Larger Bore (please specify size)


  • 6-YGSS-23 – Stainless steel spacers come in a standard length of 23 mm.
  • Brings the top of the Guide Tube to the top of the chamber or grid for easier insertion of the Electrode
  • Spacers are Available from 5mm to 40mm

Custom size guide tube available