SafeWrangle Animal Guide, And Primate Catch Pole

SafeWrangle Animal Guide Primate Catch Pole

The SafeWrangle Animal Guide Primate Catch Pole developed by Crist Instrument Co., Inc. has been called one of the safest devices on the market for handling your animal, and recommended for those using the pole and collar technique.

Features and Benefits in Brief

  • One of the most important safety features is inherent to the ergonomic design of the handle. Unlike a straight pole, which can easily slip out of the lab technician’s grip, the primate capture pole Guide’s pistol-style hand grip enables better, and more secure, control.
  • The automatic-safety thumb latch, unique to our design, provides a secure latching mechanism that straight pole designs do not provide. Once the animal’s collar is securely attached to the stainless steel hook at the end of the pole, the safety latch prevents accidental release. Only after the release of the automatic-safety safety latch can the pole be removed from the collar.
  • The distinctive safety mechanisms of this rugged heavy-wall metal pole allow for easy operation with one hand and effective control of the animal from a safe distance.
  • Our Primate Capture poles are designed for use with many other brands of collars, as well as Crist collars.

General Specifications
Animal Guide are available in two standard lengths:

  • 2-SWAG-36 36″(91.5 cm) SafeWrangle Animal Guide
  • 2-SWAG-24 24″ inches (60.9 cm) SafeWrangle Animal Guide

When ordering please specify the:
Size desired
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Suggested pole and collar techniques:

 SOP 1-09 Animal Transfer v090209


Primate Techniques

Primates are intelligent and social animals, so care must be taken when handling them. A primate catch pole is a invaluable tool for safely capturing and containing primates. The pole consists of a long metal pole with a loop or other capture device at one end. It allows the user to safely restrain the primate without having to get too close. The loop, which is typically made of metal, is placed around the primate’s body or limb and tightened. This prevents the primate from running away or attacking the handler. The handle is then used to guide the primate into a transport cage or other secure area. Primate catch poles are a humane way to handle primates, as they allow the handler to capture the animal without causing any physical harm or distress. In addition, they provide a layer of protection between the handler and the primate, reducing the chance of injury for both.