Monkey Collars:

Our Monkey Collars are durable, washable, and include an extra link for quick and easy disconnection. They also come with a replaceable rubber covering for added comfort. The Monkey collarscollars are especially recommended for use with the SafeWrangle Animal Guide .

2-HCM-S Monkey Collar, Small
9 1/4 inches (24.3 cm).

2-HCM-M Monkey Collar, Medium
11 1/2 inches (29.2 cm). (Recommended for most primates weighing 6 to 9 kilograms).

2-HCM-L Monkey Collar, Large
13 1/2 inches (34.3 cm).


Non-human primate collars are designed to provide a safe and secure way of tracking animals during research studies. The collars are lightweight, durable and made of materials that are both comfortable and safe for the animal. They are also adjustable to fit various sizes of primates, allowing researchers to track the movement of their subjects over long distances. With the use of non-human primate collars, scientists can monitor and record the behavior of the primates throughout the study, including their movements, social interactions and other activities. Researchers can also use the collars to monitor the health of the animal and take preventive measures if needed. Moreover, the collars can be used to identify individual primates and can aid in the identification of the group as a whole. Non-human primate collars are an invaluable tool for researchers, allowing them to collect data and gain insights into the behavior of the primates with accuracy and precision.