Standard vision top bar primate chairsPrimate Chairs

  • Primate chairs from Crist Instrument Co. are designed to enable researchers to restrain primates effectively in a wide variety of research scenarios.
    • Our Primate chairs may be used in protocols ranging from standard vision studies to complex behavioral experiments.

    The numerous available styles and options, in combination with custom design options, allow our Primate chairs to fit the protocols set forth by the researcher,

      • Our standard models come equipped with a variety of features, like waste tray, perch and neck plate.

    Most of our chairs are made from polycarbonate, a plastic that is stronger than acrylic yet transparent

      Having a comfortable stress free primate increases the reliability of your data.


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Non-Human Primate (NHP) restraint chairs are devices used by biologists to humanely keep NHPs in a controlled environment. The chairs are designed to restrict a primate’s movement without injuring it or having to use sedatives to keep it calm. The chair typically consists of a seat with arms and backrest that securely hold the primate in place, often using straps and Velcro closures. Chairs can also include an abdominal restraint, a head and neck brace, and a force plate, which is a metal platform used to measure physical forces the primate may apply. The chair itself may be stationary or mobile depending on its purpose and use. Restraint chairs are used in a variety of settings. The chairs may help teach primate subjects to tolerate humans and other NHPs in close proximity, and they are commonly used in behavioral or psychosocial studies where the presence of researchers must be kept to a minimum.