Meet your new Research Assistant…

D.A.R.I.S.™  is the Intelligent Reward System that keeps up with you at the edge of discovery.

Crist Reward Systems are the new
Horizon in dispensing and delivery

We Know that conceiving a study is only half the
challenge. Success often relies on the ingenuity of your team to obtain the data. That’s Where Crist can help
D.A.R.I.S.™ supports virtually
unlimited protocols.
Our Dynamic Automated Reward Integration System
(D.A.R.I.S.™) extends your capabilities.

      • Flexible. You choose whether to offer, or dispense, liquids,
        solids, slurries, or air. The controller can deliver up to 4 separate rewards independently to the research subject, or to different research subjects.
      • Adaptable. Can be used in a single setup or multiple set ups.
        Dispensers can be in different rooms while the D.A.R.I.S.™ can be by your side.
      • Smart.Programmable microprocessors enable
        unlimited actions and protocols, can monitor, control, record, develop patterns and save data collected from the reward controller. Timing can be adjusted by .1ms increments.
      • Effortless. D.A.R.I.S.™ can be controlled by a touch of a finger. On board touch screen allows easy control over all parameters.

Please Note: D.A.R.I.S.™ is a programmable brain that controls dispensing

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