Insect FlyteMill
Insect FlyteMill

Insect FlyteMill

The Insect FlyteMill is a device that will allow one to measure the periodicity, distance and speed of flight of an insect. The flight mill works by using a magnetic levitation with Teflon bearings minimizing friction. The counter balanced arm also reduces friction to allow free flight.   A sensor at the top of the Delrin Stem detects the passage of a small magnet near the base of the Teflon bearing when the mill is spun.

The FlytMill can be used to measure the impact of various influences on the insect dispersal when used in paired comparisons such as the effects of age, diet, temperature, wind speed or pesticide exposure. This is a valuable technique for evaluating the sublethal effects of various pesticides. Conversely, we can also study the effect of flight on various life parameters such as fecundity.

Insect FlyteMill Sizes

Bumblebee size with top weights  15-FM-MPROTOR-LGASM

Large Butterfly size                          15-FM-MPROTOR-LBASM

Extra small FlyteMill                       15-FM-MPROTOR-ESASM

Standard Size FlyteMill                   15-FMASM

Fly Mill User Manual Rev-

It is recommended to use the new Multi-channel FlyteMill Monitor

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