Gravity Reward System

5-RLD-D1 Gravity Reward System

The complete Gravity Reward System has three components. The controller (5-DARIS-CNTL), the Gravity Dispenser (5-RLD-E2-C) and a Sipper Tube (5-RLD-00A) Everything you need to start delivering rewards right out of the box.

The Reward System has direct control of the solenoid. You may switch the solenoid control source between the Reward System and continuous ON by use of the
Drain / Normal Switch. With the digital (5-DARIS-CNTL) version, when in Drain mode, the Reward system detects the drain function and reports the fact to the PC GUI. This helps to prevent the solenoid from burning out. With the addition of 3  (5-RLD-E2-C sold separately), the system can deliver up to 4 different rewards.

dispenser unit
DARIS Controller

FAQ for the

Gravity Reward System:

1. I have a USB DAQ device which will output at 24V analog signal to the dispenser. Will this analog signal input be able to control the product?

A:  The dispenser is NOT designed to be used with an analog I/O card. It requires a transistor or FET switch capable of 24v min in in the off state and sinking 200ma @ .5v or less in the ON state. It is best to use the Dispenser along with the DARIS Controller for Best results

2.  What is the minimum and maximum length of the signal that can control the dispenser (in ms)?

A:  A minimum of 20ms is required to activate the solenoid, The max is determined by the amount of liquid you want to dispense.