Custom Machining

From Prototypes to Production CNC Machining services

Custom Prototypes to Production CNC Machining services

From Prototypes to production Crist Instrument Co offers a complete spectrum of CNC Machining services and manufacturing capabilities aimed at providing our customers with the best service and quality within one shop. We specialize in Exotic Plastics and metals

Exotic Metals CNC Machining services

Include but not limited to:

Specialty Plastics CNC Machining services

Capabilities include CNC machining, milling, drilling, turning

With over 30 years of Engineering and  manufacturing experience, Crist Instrument  is  committed to providing you with the highest quality machining and manufacturing using state of the art software and equipment.

We offer a Large  spectrum of design and engineering capabilities and experience aimed at providing you with the best service and quality within one shop.

Our team of  mechanical, pneumatic,  electrical, electronic,  embedded software and manufacturing engineers, Solutions offers you a strong partnership of collaborative and experienced resources. As a result we are agile and able to move quickly and effectively complete complex projects to achieve key results.

Most of all we are committed to providing you with excellent solutions through a proven process of interactive design reviews, excellence in design and on-time delivery.

Micro device Machining and production

We can CNC Machining  your prototype micro devices. With our experienced state of the art micro-machining capabilities, we can quickly turn-around devices, allowing you to keep your projects on schedule. With our in-house design team, machine shop, and electronics shop, we can quickly turn-around the parts you needed yesterday.   Please contact us to learn how our capabilities can help you. Micro-machining allows machining of tiny precision components and parts. There is a growing need within various industries for precision parts that are greatly accurate and minute.

Markets Served

  • Medical
  • Food service
  • Government
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical processing
  • Electronics
  • Robotics
  • Industrial

Mechanical, Hydraulics and Pneumatic

  • Prototype/One-off Parts
  • Micro fluidics
  • Parts Production
  • Enclosures
  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Lathe
  • Plastics
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Steel
  • Carbon Fiber Composites
  • Precious metals
  • Precision Machining to +/- .0001

Electrical, electronic,  embedded software

  • PCB Design & Layout
  • Low Power Design
  • Micro-controller System Design
  • Motor Control
  • Digital Logic and analog circuits Designs
  • Motion Control Systems
  • Slip Rings
  • Automation Systems
  • SMD & Thru-Hole Solder
  • Assembly
  • Mixed Signal Design
  •  Testing
  •  Custom Audio Design

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Prototype and Production Equipment

  • HAAS VF3 4 Axis
  • HAAS VF3 3 Axis
  • DATRON M7 60000 RPM 1/2 micron tolerances
  • HAAS SL20 with bar feeder
  • Manual Knee mills
  • Manual lathes
  • Vertical Ban Saws
  • Horizontal Ban Saws
  • Drill Presses
  • Table Saws
  • Panel Saws
  • Chop Saws
  • Sheers
  • Breaks
  • Welding

State of the Art Software

  • Inventor
  • Orcad
  • featurecam
  • 3d Max
  • Fusion 360

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