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The Crist Instrument Broomenator™ rodent restraint

With the durable lightweight acrylic tube, the sturdy polycarbonate base, stabilizing rubber feet and adjustable head gate, small injections and blood sampling are quicker, safer, and more secure, because of the ease of use and added stability of design.

Features and Benefits

  • Slot opening tail entrance allows for complete and unobstructed access to the subjects tail. The slotted top enables the user to easily and humanely slide the animals’ tail into position. The cylindrical design keeps the subject from turning while restrained.
  •  The nose cone can be slid easily into place, and secured with a nylon thumbscrew for ease of adjustment to accommodate various size subjects.
  • Rubber suction cup feet can be firmly attached to most smooth surfaces.
  • Included side port openings for side view and access, make injections and blood sampling less time consuming, safer and more secure than other designs.
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Standard models are available in these popular sizes:

Catalog Number   Mass Range Restraint   ID                            Length

12-MBS1      15g-29g             1” (25.4mm)     4″ (101.6mm)

12-MBS15    30g-125g           1.5” (38.1mm)  6″(152.4mm)

12-MBS2      125g-250g         2” (50.8mm)     8″(203.2mm)

12-MBS25    250g-500g         2.5”(63.5mm)   8.5″(215.9mm)

12-MBS3      500g TO 600g   3″ (76.2mm)     9″(228.6mm)


Broomenator™ available options include but are not limited to:

  1. Head Eye cover
  2. Easy Lock Neck Plate
  3. Open rear leg slots
  4. Customized injection site locations