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Crist Instrument Company takes great pride in having pioneered some of the landmark technological innovations that have—and continue to—enhance biomedical research data gathering. We are also proud of our longstanding relationships with some of the most important research centers in the world, including the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

Crist instrument is enabling research across an impressive array of species, including avian, aquatic and all but the largest non-human mammals. Our American-made products are at work enabling biomedical research discoveries in a wide variety of public institutions, corporate and private facilities around the world.
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Crist Instrument designs equipment around your research

We also can provide you with custom Machining and prototypes with fast turnaround. We can Manufacture your in-House designs, or take your Idea and make it a reality with our in house Engineers and skilled craftsmen. To upload your idea files please visit  

Our capabilities include but not limited to any electro and mechanical designs.

  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • Manual milling
  • Manual Turning
  • Electronics assembly
  • Sheet metal production

Customer Responses:

“We have recently received a 24-channel solenoid valve control system built by Crist Instrument.  This was a new piece of equipment, that needed design, construction, testing, re-design, and rush delivery for a burning deadline. Throughout this process Pat (Crist)

kept us informed. Against all expected and unexpected delays they delivered in

time. For investigators who need new equipment to try something that has not been tried before, having such competent and reliable partner is invaluable. I highly recommend this team of experts too all my colleagues who have a novel problem and are looking for a partner to help them solve it.”

Kati Gothard

Professor of Neurosccience

The University of Arizona

24 Valve Air Puff Dispenser
24 Valve Air Puff Dispenser