BehaviorTask ™ Chair

BehaviorTask ™ Chair System –

The premier choice for interactive primate studies.
This is the primate chair of choice for protocols that require the subject to perform manual New BehaviorTasktasks, such as use of touch-panel screens and joysticks. It offers you state-of-the-art versatility, built-in security and comfort-focused stability for your research subjects. The chair has the widest—and most innovative—range of standard features, and options, available.
Key Features At-A-Glance

  • The front arm blocker panel permits manual access to the outside of the chair.
    • Both hands
    • Left hand only
    • or Completely Enclosed
  • A safety barrier plate provides protection while the front panel is being adjusted.
  • Locking pins hold the reversing panel in place during studies.
  • The front, non-removable neck plate is fixed to the chair, while the rear plate is adjustable from front to rear and comes with either two knobs or two Allen Cap screws.
  • Subjects enter and exit the chair from an air-vented, spring latch, rear swinging door.
  • A waist plate inhibits feet from extending out the front of the chair, yet permits flexing and movement for comfort.
  • The Waste Tray is inserted from the back of the chair.
  • A restraint chain, with snap hook ends, is included.
  • For head positioning, a choice of a Top Plate or a Top Bar is available that operate with different head holding devices.
  • Chairs can be easily transported and elevated to a convenient working height when mounted to our Standard Tall Base (Optional).
  • Numerous options and accessories are available to accommodate your research needs. Please consult the website or speak with a member of the Crist Team about your specific protocol.